Sunday, June 26, 2016

Teaching Assistants from UK! by British Council and KPMG

British Council has agreed to send 4 teaching assistants from UK to our school from July to December.

KPMG is sponsoring the cost of this programme! Thank you once again KPMG :-)

The teaching assistants are Olivia Ball, Amy Meadows, Rebecca Neill and Christopher Roberts. 

More about this, once they start in July.

Brief Outline of activities that will be undertaken by the Teaching Assistants:

1.       Contribute towards better English at school - both spoken and written.

2.       Share and explore cultural differences and similarities of UK and India with students.

3.       Explore areas to make learning more interesting at the primary level.

4.       Check and explore improvements on teaching aids used.

5.       Mutual Sharing of teaching strategies.

6.       Share each other's cultural values (manners and etiquettes).

7.       Contribute to teachers', by improving and improvising on current lesson plans.

8.       Contribute to Literary Club's Theater Workshop.

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