Sunday, April 3, 2016

Teacher's workshops March 2016

March 5th

The teacher's workshops continue ceaselessly. 

It is  our endeavour that teachers enjoy their teaching and students enjoy learning! 

Today's SDP (Staff Development Programme) was conducted by our Principal Mr Rajeev. In his own words on the activity:

Today we had a lovely SDP. Teachers learnt actively.

Schedule : How do we teach hands free ? 

Teachers were divided into groups of 4. Each group came up with a concept on how to teach hands free - that is without teaching aids. 

But they ended up using their body or things around as a teaching aid and thus realized that they can not teach with out an aid!!

After a break they played 10 games. They were then asked the concepts that they could teach using these board games?

All the 10 games are to be kept at ISA room for further use with the children. We ended the session with the idea - how to do activities and teach actively! 

We had a lovely session outdoors without using electricity. 

- Principal Mr Rajeev

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