Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marlene's visit to Gurukulam!

Marlene, along with her parents, Karsten and Dorothee  Wiegreffe from Germany visited our school. It was wonderful having them interact with our children.

Marlene's impression of our school, in her own words:

When we arrived at the school, we received a very warm welcome from Captain Nandkumar, the principal Mr. Rajeev, Mrs. Sabita and the whole staff. Right from the beginning we could sense a very open and friendly atmosphere. 

The principal Mr. Rajeev showed us around the compound and classes of different ages. In every class we were welcomed by a loud „Welcome to Gurukulam“ which put a smile on our face. We loved the openness of the students, the concentrated and peaceful atmosphere in the classrooms and the high commitment of the teachers.

The admirable pedagogical concept was explained to us: How the education is provided completely free of charge, how students are being selected and how they function as multiplicators in their families by teaching their parents how to read and write. 

We were very impressed with the focus the school puts on prevention of violence and the overall development of the children, for example by providing karate or yoga lessons or by teaching to play musical instruments. We admired the new library which was recently started from donations. Also the school plans to start a school garden to grow its own organic vegetables.

Finally we joined the fairy tale activity in the storytelling class. My parents are both retired teachers from Bremen in Northern Germany, so they told the children the famous fairy tale of the „Bremen Town Musicians“, a retelling of the Grimm tale in which an old donkey, dog, cat, and rooster, no longer wanted by their masters, set out for the town of Bremen to become musicians. The students listened very attentive and concentrated and interpreted the animal’s voices enthusiastically. 

We were deeply impressed with our visit to Gurukulam. We would like to thank Captain Nandkumar, principal Mr. Rajeev and the whole staff for the opportunity to visit this amazing place and for letting us participate in this beautiful experience.

Warm regards,

Karsten, Dorothee and Marlene Wiegreffe

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