Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Admissions for LKG 2016-2017

Jan, Feb and March saw us visiting homes of the parents who had applied for admission for their children.

The process: 

The school opens for admission in Jan. 

It is made clear that only children whose parents earn less than Rs 8000/- per month will be admitted. 

Admission forms are then filled in by parents who would like their children admitted. 

Step 1 - Teachers shortlist the application based on the income of the parents.

Step 2 - Teachers conduct house visits to ensure that the income given in the application form is correct. And shortlist the applications on the correctness of the information provided.

Step 3 - The committee members visit the short listed houses, interview the parents, chat with the child to see which child deserves to be in our school most. The list is then finalised. 

Shakul Hameed :-) shy for the picture with his grandmother

Bannina with her Mom. Father is a fisherman, while her mother tries to sell home made gruel

Tamilarasi may join us for the 1st standard, In the background from left are teachers Shajitha and Shifana

Our own Sadaam Hussein, a very bright spark....ran in to bring out his notebook and show us his "A,B,C..." along with Selvam on the left

Monica....was "sweetness itself!" :-) along with her big brother. Her father has just lost his job due to a stroke!

Divya with her grandmom who sells flowers to raise her

Naseem is being brought up by his elderly grandma who works as a maid. 

Farhana Begum with her parents....Father is a fisherman
Sandhya, whose mother is a homemaker and father a fisherman
Ajitha, whose father is a fisherman
Nilafur Jasmine

Manish....another very bright spark with his mom (single parent) who works as a watch-woman

As always, the admissions are being carried out with complete and thorough checks to ensure we support truly deserving families.  

And....we are sure to have wonderful children in our school very soon!

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