Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sanjay Shetty runs the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon for Gurukulam Children

On 22nd November, I am running the Philadelphia Marathon once again for Trust Children.  The last time I ran in 2010, many of you generously supported the cause; few of you continued your generosity every year since then.

In the last few years, I have run more than 20 marathons (Half and Full) in many countries  (USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, & India).  But running for Trust Children has always been a satisfying, fulfilling and rewarding.

I strongly believe that each and every child has the right to pursue a life filled with happiness. While education is a critical tool in this life long pursuit, not all children are privileged to get it. Trust Children, with its FREE education, offers this opportunity to underprivileged kids. The Trust has worked hard for many years to bring happiness to over a hundred children and it continues to alter life at an early age in a meaningful way.

Being an investment advisor, I believe that Trust Children is an efficient channel for privileged donors to support this cause. Since all administrative costs are borne by Trust Children Trustees and Committee Members, every penny of your contribution reaches the Gurukulam children directly. This makes Trust Children an ideal medium for me to give and help. And I invite you to join me and the hard working team at Trust Children to take this forward.

I am reaching out to invite you all to join me in this worthy cause.

For Donors in the United States: Please CLICK HERE to donate to Trust Children via Gurukulam, Inc, a registered non-profit in the United States. Donations to Gurukulam Inc are tax exempt as per section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 100% of the funds received by Gurukulam Inc in the US is transferred to Trust Children, India.

For Donors in India: Please CLICK HERE to donate to Trust Children, India. All donations to Trust Children are Tax Exempt under 80G of IT Act.

Thank you for your support!!!

Best Wishes,
Sanjay Shetty

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