Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Peer Buddy" and the "Special Mentoring" Initiative

To help students who find academics challenging, Principal Mr Rajeev along with our Academic Advisor Mrs Sabita Currimbhoy has implemented a few initiatives - "The Peer Buddy System" and "Special Mentoring".

In Mr Rajeev's own words on these initiatives:



We have identified that a few of our younger children (Grades V and VI) have problems in socializing, doing homework, having healthy environment at home due to unavailability of their parents, as they are either full time laborers (moms/dads) returning home only after 7 to 8 pm or fishermen (dads) who return home only after a few days.


To solve this issue and to provide a guidance and regular monitoring, we have come up with a new system by which we pair younger students with their peers (of higher Grade preferably VIII and IX) who provide quality time by helping with monitoring their after school activities and by including the younger ones in their play time and home work time. They act as elder brothers and sisters, which the younger ones need. They also have healthier conversations and create an ambience by guiding and counseling them. They are regularly monitored by a few teachers who in turn give them ideas and suggestions to deal with simple solutions of their day to day problems, like doing projects or special assignments, not just from academics but also inculcating good habits    

The pilot project of Peer Buddies system has been started in August 2015 under the guidance of Principal (Chief Mentor) for the following pairs of students:

Sri hari of class VI – Anand of Grade IX
Akash of Grade VI – Aun Kumar of Grade IX
And Gayathri of grade VI  - Shilpa of Grade IX


Special Mentoring


There are a few students in the school who need special attention.  Reasons being evident – Proficiency (or lack thereof) in English! These children do not understand the day-to-day happenings in the class due to their poor understanding of the instructions given in English. 


Mrs Sabitha (Academic Advisor) has come up with the idea of Special mentoring – She has volunteered to call these children out of the classes, preferably in their free periods, to coach  them one on one in basic training in English by play way method and communicative English classes  (in small groups if needed). I am planning to pitch in her absence (Principal).

She has currently identifying such students and I think this will go a long way in helping them catch up with the rest of the class.

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