Monday, September 14, 2015

Doll making project

26th Aug 2015

Classes 1 to 3 went on a doll making spree.... and out came sweet adorable dolls from their tiny hands!

Report by the Class Teacher:


Date : 26.08.2015       Periods : 3rd to 5th period       Timing : 10.15 am -12.00pm

Project Name : Doll Making

A project based on doll making was done on 26.08.15 by classes I ,II, III.

Students used sponge, colour papers, vegetable, cotton, egg, ice cream sticks , for making dolls. It is currently being displayed in the class rooms. Gowtham and Haji Ismal made the sponge dolls well beyond our expectation. Khadhar basha made a doll based on his own idea and method . Even we were not aware that dolls could be made in this method! The children themselves took on the role of instructors. The children who understood the method helped the other children who did not understand . so this was a great experience for the children to get more ideas for doll making.

Prize list details
1st prize –        N.Thameenma –II std
                           S.Shreevel       -III std
2nd  prize –      P.Deepak –II std
                           B.Mubarak Fathima-III std
3rd  prize –      D.Rajeshwari –I std

Report by 

Ms. K. Hemalatha

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