Monday, December 19, 2011

New Uniforms for 2012 :-)

On the 18th of Dec 2011, all our children received New Uniforms :-)

Sailing Event - Merchant and Professional Regatta

Our 7th grade children, participated in a lovely Regatta at the Royal Madras Yacht Club on the 10th and 11th Dec 2011. 

It was fair weather, lovely winds and great company :-)

Our young sailors enjoyed themselves, apart from learning this challenging sport of sailing - thanks to RMYC.

Children's Day Celebration 2011

Fancy Dress 

Prize Distribution

Tailing the Elephant

Songs by our 7th Grade children
It was a fun filled Children's Day Celebration on the 14th Nov 2011.

Our children had a whale of a time with games, songs, fun and prizes :-)

Visit by Shailu Shuresh

On 20.11.2011, Ms Shailu Suresh of  "Om Vedic Heritage Centre" Singapore, visited our school and spent a whole morning with our children...

She gave a wonderful talk and an interactive session on "focus" to the children of 7th grade.

In her own words:


I am sure all of us agree that unquestionably education is significant for one’s overall growth. When any child fails to acquire the basic skills needed to qualify for well-paying earning opportunities and escape poverty, he/she will also fail to function as a productive and responsible member of the society.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, even till today in many very low-income and underprivileged families, children are much less likely to be in school than children from more affluent families. My path crossed the path of an altruist who even as a child became sensitive to this inequality that existed and continues to exist in the society. Being inspired by the ‘goal directed force’ within Captain Nandakumar, I saw myself automatically being drawn towards becoming part of this great cause and help prove with significance (in scientific terms), the hypotheses that ‘the cost of educating children far outweighs the cost of not educating them’.
Hence, a visit to the ‘gurukulam’, a school started by Capt Nandu in 2004, that offers Free education to children from very low-income families in Panayur and Kovalam villages in Tamil Nadu became essential and I was there for a day on 19 November 2011.
I must say that reasonable inferences can be made even on the first visit to the gurukulam, from just observing the school premises, administration, good policies and most importantly key outcomes such as the behavior and attitude of the ‘gurukulam children’. Apart from the regular provisions for school children such as teaching and learning material, stationery, uniform, play material etc, I noticed that great attention was being given for the overall growth and well being of the child by providing extra-curricular activities such as karate, yoga and exclusive yatching lessons even.

Many children who do attend such free schools receive inadequate education because of poorly trained, underpaid teachers, overcrowded classrooms, and a lack of basic teaching tools such as textbooks, blackboards, and pens and paper and here I noticed that all these key aspects were well studied and taken care of. Important aspects such as ensuring that teachers do not physically or mentally abuse children, ensuring the quality of food being served to the children, provision of a library etc were all being looked into with great attention to detail. Children are even motivated to be better citizens of tomorrow by being trained on good values and principles in life by means of personalised motivational talks, ‘How to Live’ classes and effective tools such as awarding the child ‘+’ points or ‘-‘ points based on his behaviour, attitude etc.
So I must say that this effort witnessed by me in my 1-day trip, has two messages for me and the public:
i)     It is not a good idea to just observe from a distance as if this mission were just Captain Nandu’s and his team’s, but you and me can also become part of it by devoting ourselves (contributing in time, service, money etc to the best of our capability and capacity) and make our lives more meaningful and purposeful.
ii)   Having seen such models of ‘Increasing the welfare of fellow citizens through seva’ we too can lead an altruistic path by freeing our heart from any self-centered desires and devote ourselves in believing that we live for other people’s sake.
Last but not least credit for this exemplary service rendered to mankind/to our fellow but less fortunate brothers and sisters, goes to Captain Nandakumar and his other committee members for their commitment and visionary and administrative abilities.