Thursday, November 18, 2010

Children's Day

The program started with a prayer by the girls of class VI

There were a myriad of shows from the teachers and the students…a truly memorable children’s day

Dhanapriya and Pragadeesh of Class VI were the MCs’ for the day

  1. It started with a colourful fancy dress competition – Farah of Class II took everyone’s heart away as “Avvaiyar”. There were a galore of policemen, doctors, engineers and more :-)
  2. UKG sang their rhymes…as cutely as only they can.
  3. Followed by songs from Class IV and V
  4. Mr Abul, our Math teacher came forward with mimicry.
  5. Class II came out with 2 dances…”Alekra” from “Kanthasami” and “ooh lala”
  6. To beat that, class VI came out with “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Millionaire” :-)
  7. Not to be outdone, Rahamath Bhee our caretaker came out with a Tamil song…we are getting to know how talented our staff are!
  8. It gets even better with a Puppet Show from our Yoga Teacher.
  9. Then came a group song by all the teachers with Ms Shabana and Ms Hasan dressed up as school children :-) They literally stole evryone’s heart in the program…
  10. To top the program the teachers put up a dance show! Ms Hasan, Ms Shabana and Ms Sujatha put up a lovely dance together…

Now came the games…truly a happy children’s day :-)

Musical chairs, Blind fold pot breaking, Lucky Dip, Ball in the basket….and on and on. Just loads of fun for the children on Children’s Day.

Kudos to Mr Abul for putting together one of the most memorable evenings...

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