Tuesday, December 4, 2018

An outing with KPMG volunteers to Dakshinchitra

25th Aug 2018

Volunteers of KPMG took our children for an outing to Dakshinchitra.

As reported by our teacher Mr Lourduraj:

# There were 13 students accompanied by a teacher to visit Dhakshina Chitra, a heritage museum, sponsored by KPMG on 25th August.

# The students left the school around 9:30 am and reached the spot in another ten minutes.

# Volunteers from KPMG were already there at the spot to welcome us. As the entry starts at 10:00 am, they provided the refreshments, while we waited for the entry.

# From the moment they entered, the students were very excited and enthusiastic to go around the places.

# It was so thrilling for the kids. They were trying to connect their study experience with all that they witnessed therein. They were curious and overwhelmed to know more live information about all that they learned theoretically in the classroom through the text books.

# They enjoyed very particularly watching the weaver's works and the Pottery. They had the chance even to chat with them and clarify their doubts.

# After looking around, they had good time at the play area.

#  There were about 15 Volunteers to assist and guide the children.

# By 12:15 pm, we winded up our visit and and arrived at the school for the lunch. The kids had their lunch together with the guests from KPMG and departed home very joyful and to their heart's content.

# Great appreciations to KPMG and the management, for organising such a wonderful visits and trips.

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