Sunday, July 1, 2018

Getting ready for 10th, 12th exams!

02.04.2018 Prayers before exams!

The teachers and students joined together for a prayer meet before the children went for their exams!

As told by Mr Abdul, our coordinator: 

Prayer meeting held in computer lab between 1.45 and 2.25 am on monday (02/04/2018)
* Mr. Lourthuraj started the prayer meeting with a small story about the  importance of prayer
* After that the hindu religion prayer video clip was played.
* Mrs. Ruckshana  joined with a muslim prayer along with a video. 
* Mr.Johnson explained few lines from Bible. 
* Mr. Lourthuraj did the final prayer. 
*  After that we played chirstian prayer video clip
   Then   Mrs. Sabitha ma'am gave a speech       
  for the following  key words

              (Interest )

* Finally we wished all the students the very best and distributed the hall ticket ( grade X , XI and XII)

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