Sunday, September 10, 2017

Inter Faith Visits

22nd Aug 2017

The day was celebrated as the Inter-Faith day at school.

This yearly feature at school is for students to respect the many faiths and paths that is an integral part of our society.

Our children enjoy learning about various religions and celebrate all major festivals to understand and appreciate better the world we live in. 

As reported by our teacher Mr Lourdu Raj

On 22.08.2017 (Tuesday) morning, the students of Grades 6 and 7 were taken to places of worship in the neighbourhood, for an educational visit. It was done as a casual walk. We started around 9.00 am after the assembly. The pupils were accompanied by two teachers, Ms. Shajidha and Mr. Lourdu Raj.

At first, the children were led to the Hindu Temple named Kailasanathar temple. The kids went around the temple looking at the various sacred sculptures and architecture. Towards the end, we requested the priest of the shrine to share a bit of information about the temple. He did describe them about the year of construction, its specialities and about the various intentions with which the devotees visit the temples.

From there, we marched towards the Mosque. As soon as we reached the spot, we were welcomed by the in-charge of the mosque and he prayed over the kids and gave a brief explanation on the history of Islam and the tombs within. A few of the children took turns to clarify their doubts.

The march progressed to the Church from there. The children went around the church observing the stone edicts and the structural style of the Church; examining the statutes erected within and the interior design of it.

The students did appreciate the trip and learned certain religious values and the visible differences among the religions of their vicinity. They readily entered all the religious sacred places and observed them with piety and sanctity.

From there, the children were brought back to the school safely by 10.15 am.

At the Temple

At the Mosque

At Church

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