Friday, December 2, 2016

Toast Master's workshop

12th and 19th Nov 2016

Toast Master's conducted workshops on public speaking for this year again!

The students of last year had benefitted tremendously from this workshop.

We thank all the volunteers from "Toast Masters".

Report by Mrs Shubha, teacher and coordinator:

Report on Toast master: 12/11/16
First Day of Youth Leadership program.
·      The session started with introduction of students and the volunteers.
·      There was a guest speaker of the day Mr. Jairaman he introduced himself and then he started to tell about his life history how he improved in his career and the importance of
Communication and he also advised the students
·       Then there was session by the volunteer Mr. Karthikeyan  about how to be firm, body language, voice modulation  and to develop confidence within them  so that they may be confident in the speech.
·      Then the schedule for the upcoming week was discussed and then there was a sorting of roles to the students such as (grammarian, timer, Toast master of the day, Ah counter) and there was a selection of students for the first round speaking which will be for the second session.

Day: 2                                                                                                             Date: 19/11/16
·      The program started at 9.30 am with the guest speaker.
·      Today the guest speaker was Mr.Mani.
·      After the speech the students were parted into team A, B
·      Then there was a session by Mr. Mani who shared about how to prepare for a speech what are the important points to keep in mind while preparing and presenting a speech.
·      Then students were sorted and sent to two different rooms and the speakers were evaluated and the role players of the day discussed the results and the students were asked correct their mistake.
·      Then the next of speakers were selected.

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