Monday, April 6, 2020

Fight Covid 19

06th April 2020

Volunteers of Trust Children along with Rotary Club of Chennai Central, started distributing food for the daily labourers who have been badly affected by the Covid 19 crisis! 

The daily labourers in India have been hugely affected. With no means of daily income, their tiny savings are deplete. The best help we can do, is to provide food to sustain them till we come back to normalcy!

Teachers and Staff of Trust Children volunteered to cook and provide food everyday!

Our teachers and staff are our real heroes!! 

May they stay blessed! 

Daily labourers coming in Q for collecting food

Day 1: 06th March 2020

Today saw us distributing 218 food packets to daily labourers...tomorrow we expect to reach 275 people!

Day 2: 07th March 2020

Today we distributed 327 food packets in total. Far exceeded the number we estimated yesterday. 

From one of our volunteers: Good afternoon all!
Couldn’t resist posting this. Today, while handling over the food packets, many people including some children expressed their happiness at the quality & taste of the food. It was simply emotional when some joined their hands to thank.
Thank you all who are behind this!!!
Must share this with the Aunties too tomorrow.

Our helpers Ms. Akhtar, Ms. Hussain Bee, Ms. Divya, Ms. Krishnaveni preparing the food for packing
Our helpers along with Ms Usha and Ms Shirin of GVTC, Ms Jyoti PT teacher packing the cooked food. 
(L to R) Mr Naushad Abbas, volunteer from Panchayat, Mrs Uma Village Administrative Officer, Kovalam starting the day.

Mr Abdul handing over the food parcels. 
Mr Sathya handing over the food parcels

Mrs Sabita Currimbhoy, our Trustee, at the forefront. 
Panchayat volunteers handing over food in the village to those who could not make it to school

Our own Covid 19 Brigade!! (L to R) Jyoti, Abdul, Sathya, Naushad

Mr Abdul handing over the food packets

(L to R) Usha, Shirin, Jothi, Dharani

Pictures Day 2:

Mr Sathya giving out the food packets

Panchayat volunteers handing over food in the village to those who could not make it to school

Mr Sathya handing over food packets

Environment Education Program 2019-20

Year end report from Environment Education Team 2019 - 2020

Our sincere thanks to the entire team from the Adyar Eco Park for coming forward to educate our students.

Thanks to the volunteers, our students have learnt the do's and dont's to save our Environment.

Climate change session

Climate change session was conducted by Adyar Eco Park volunteers Ms. Jayasudha and team on 23rd January 2020.

Our children from Grade IX and Grade X were part of this session. 

They came to understand the importance of the Bay of Life.

Our loving thanks to the volunteers.

Republic Day

India and Trust Children celebrate India's 71st Republic Day 

Pongal Celebration

Pongal celebration at Gurukulam was held on 11th January 2020

At Gurukulam we celebrated pongal with zeal, as the harvest festival is considered very auspicious with the entire Gurukulam Family

Occasions like this help the entire community to come together!